Zhuhai Guoneng New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, began factory construction in 2007, and completed the joint-stock reform in September 2014. It was listed on New OTC Market, in October 2015, stock code: 833859, equity 45 million shares. There are two production bases, which locate in Zhuhai Hongwan Industrial Zone and Sanzao Industrial zone, with a plant area of 19000m2. The company will invest 150 million CNY in Zhuhai Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park to build a new production and research and development base with a new area of 23000m2. It will be opened in March 2021 and will be mainly used as the manufacturing and R&D headquarter of PTFE high frequency materials and modified plastic products. Guoneng plans to invest 250 million CNY in Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Park to build a 38000m2 Guoneng Industrial Park, which is expected to open in May 2022, mainly for the manufacturing of high-frequency and high-speed materials and fiberglass material products.

Guoneng is a high-tech enterprise with PTFE resin, hydrocarbon resin, unsaturated resin, glass fiber, modified plastic and other composite materials as the main body, engaged in the technical development and product application of microstructure modified super-materials, and established Guangdong Engineering Technology Center and provincial material laboratory. The company's product line include high frequency、high speed CCL and modified composite materials. The main products include PTFE series, hydrocarbon series, high speed series high frequency and high speed CCL suitable for mobile communication, military electronics, consumer electronics, integrated circuit and other fields; and glass fiber reinforced plastic and modified plastic base station radome for 4G/5G mobile communication; and Fibeglass cable protection pipe suitable for municipal engineering, and other suitable composite product for high-end civil industry.

Guoneng has become as a well-known key  supplier in the mobile communications industry after many years of efforts, and is a qualified supplier for Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson and other major customers. Guoneng is a state of art manufacturer of FRP and modified plastic base station radome in China. As one of the earliest independent R&D and production of high frequency microwave CCL manufacturers in China, after 12 years of continuous R&D investment and long-term process technology accumulation, Guoneng has fully mastered the core technology of the mainstream products of the giant competitor in USA and Japan. With the expansion of the company and the localization of key materials, The company is expected to rise with accumulated strength to become the leading mainstream manufacturer of high frequency copper laminate in China.

Guoneng team has a high ambition, adheres to independent innovation, and is determined to become a leading domestic key material manufacturer.

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